Minok LABBE graduated with a degree in occupational psychology. After 10 years of a professional career in business she founded Critère.

She evolved in the Human Recourses function in large international groups such as Xerox, Texas Instruments, and Thales.

The demand for quality and results, the fundamental respect for people, and the sense of service are the founding values of Critère and form the core of its identity: “A distinct identity for a small company working with very large ones”.

Mastering our growth, while encouraging innovation, is always an enduring concern.

Virtually, from the beginning, Critère’s workforce has remained essentially constant for the sake of stability and in order to control the quality of services. Simultaneously, our offers have never ceased to evolve to meet and even to anticipate the demands of our customers.

There is no doubt that this dual approach makes sense. The loyalties of our team (some employees have stayed for more than 10 years) as well as of our customers (some of whom have relied on us for over 20 years) are the best illustration of our approach.


About Us

Critère 31, rue Boissière 75116 Paris